Favorite campfire songs!!

Debbie V.Debbie V.
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What are some of your favorite campfire songs? I love discussing these as they bring back fun childhood memories. Who remembers "the other day... I saw a bear..." one??


  • Yes! I saw a bear was a favorite of mine growing up. Check out the lyrics here.
  • John Denver's "Country Road" obviously!! ;-)
  • Kasey M.Kasey M. ✭✭✭
    Check out the Okee Dokee Brothers. My family loves their album "Can You Canoe"
    Totally awesome campfire songs.

    For an OG campfire song...how about "She'll Be Coming 'round The Mountain When She Comes"


    Kasey Marsters
  • Wow do they bring back memories, wish i coudl remember them all thanks for the suggestions, I cant think of any right now but i know i sang alot of them expecially at boy scout camp lol.
  • Kasey M.Kasey M. ✭✭✭
    "Found A Peanut" is a pretty funny / good one too. Haha


  • Light Between the Trees by Opus Orange. Opus Orange has several good trail songs most written about or on  the JMT.

    Voices by Dario G

    Home From Home by Roo Panes

    Wake Me Up by AVICII

    When the campfire embers have long faded and its time to meet the new day:

    Here Comes the Sun by George Harrison, One Perfect Sunrise by Orbital, I Will Rise Again by Perter Tong(Frankie Wild remix), or, while considering where she was at and why the song was written, Get On Your Feet by  Gloria Estefan
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