Trail Runners

edited February 2018 in Northeast
I'm seeing a ton of hiking and camping posts but any trail runners out there? 


  • Did a little in my younger days.  Can't even walk much right now -injury.  I did it for conditioning before planned strenuous hikes.
  • I do on occasion, but only with other that are into it.  Never by myself and my family slows me down too much.  I’m considering putting my 4 year old in my ruck sack and starting to tuck with her on so I can keep a good pace.
  • Trail running is awesome, my favorite way to run. There are lots of trails that can serve multiple purposes and many that are ideal for trail running.
  • I basically only trail run.  At least once a week I do a group trail run and then work in whatever other days I can.
  • Yes. But I am 65-years-old and run slow. However, I can still put in a 9-10 mile run/jog.
  • Christine good for you for bringing this up! I'm sure trail runners are in a distinct minority on I'm a 66-year-old runner who occasionally does trails. In 2016 I won my class in the 15K On the Rocks Trail Run in Rocky Ridge Park, York, PA. I'm also a cyclist and mountain biker, and love trail running for the same reasons I love mountain biking. Running trails is awesome, as it requires more agility than road running. It's tremendous fun! Also, you generally get more shade in the summer than running on roads.
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