App update?

Hi - I've updated to iOS 11 and now the app won't work; the phone says the app must be updated to work with iOS 11. Is an update coming?



  • Alexander M.Alexander M. admin
    edited January 2018

    Hi @Darren Hess!

    My name is Alex and I am the product manager for Trails app.

    I am sorry you are having difficulty running our app. The app is up to date and should run on iOS 11 without issues. Perhaps, there is something else going on.

    Please help us diagnose the problem by providing more information about your individual setup by advising your device model, OS version, screenshots of the error and anything else that may be specific to your use case.

    Can you please try to delete and reinstall the app from the App Store to see if that addresses the issue.

    Thank you,

  • @Darren Hess We you able to resolve the problem?

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