GoTenna to stay connected on the trail?

Has anyone heard of GoTenna? It could be what you've been looking for to stay connected to your group out on the trail! 


  • I would give it a 10+ for concept as long as you understand the limitations. Take for instance if you are in Berchtesgaden like in the above video. The device is going to self-tune to the legal frequencies for the region and only output .5 W as apposed to 1 W in the USA. Add some hills, buildings, and dense forest and it 'might' be easier to hit the person you are trying to communicate with with a rock.

    The other issue for me is it's not reliable for emergency communications in remote areas. You would probably be better off to send your collie for help.

    GoTenna is cheap enough and the more units you have on the mesh network the better it works. Since I am generally an unpleasant person and don't have any friends I'll stick with my inReach Explorer in remote areas.

    Fun fact: A GMRS license costs $70; The average cost to obtain a ham radio license is under $40. Go figure?
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