New features for the summer!

Wow! We have been so busy at Hopefully you've noticed some of the new features we've been adding to the site in the last month. Here's a recap...
  • New Explore page - You guys sure take some pretty pictures! We wanted to show them off and hopefully inspire each other to get outside. We love your photos (and reviews) so much we even put them on our new home page.
  • The activity feed continues to capture the latest and greatest from the community.  You can now quickly add those trails you see others doing to your wish list or mark them as complete...right there, from the Activity Feed.
  • So many more images! More maps, more photos! They're everywhere throughout the site--Top 100, nearby trails, popular outdoor activities--basically anywhere there's a trail listing there's now an image. 
  • Hopefully you've also noticed our new photo upload and review presentation! We've got a nice review recap and a quick and easy way for you to write up a recommendation for your fellow adventurers. Come on and give them more info than just a rating! Put on that tour guide hat, grab the microphone and tell them what you've learned. 

  • Larger topo maps! Everyone gets the bigger map but Premium Members can now print or save ALL of the various topo map styles.
  • More prominent directions to the trail! You don't want to get lost before you even get to the trail.  :#

Speaking of getting lost...don't forget to download our iOS app and take with you. All your web and app content syncs up perfectly and you follow along on the trail. Even better, record your adventure and capture your notes and photos along the way. (And yes, Android users, we hear you. We know you want an app too and it's coming. I promise!).

Ok, this is way too long. I've got more to tell you about but you're at work and I don't want you to get in trouble. Check back later, ok.
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