Older Hikers

Any older hikers on these boards?  I'm 57 and just getting back into hiking and want to train for some ambitious trips in 2019.  Any training tips - especially for those who are getting back into shape and tend to take a little longer to recover than we used to?


  • Paul C.Paul C.
    edited August 2018

    I'm going to be 58 this November... know how you feel!! Haven't been as active, lately, as I was few years ago. Start slow. If you have any health issues, have your doctor sign off on your health before going out t0 train...

    Begin with easy walks and work your way up, depending on your goals. If you want to tackle the JMT, PCT or Appalachian Trail, start training early! I'd recommend strength training as well as endurance;  build up your core as those muscles carry the load for everything you'll do on/off trail. Keep your goal in mind and have fun!!

  • I’m 77 and still an active hiker so don’t give up.  I agree with the others who commented: Start slow and gradually increase your mileage.  I’m lucky that I live where it is hilly so I’m used to hills.  Hiked 5 miles today with friends and dogs.
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