New to Arizona

I came out to the Phoenix area in Arizona for school and trying to explore the area and do some outdoorsy stuff.  Any suggestions?  Oh, and preferably anything I can do with a group of us or day trip kind of stuff.


  • Exploring a new city is always a fun adventure! Here are some trails around the Phoenix area for everything from hiking and camping, to mountain biking & horseback riding. Have fun! 
  • If transportation isn't an issue, you should explore the Peralta Trail area. The Superstitions are one of my favorite areas to hike in the Eastern Valley area. Picketpost isn 't much farther East so give that a try as well. Both areas can be reached with standard wheelbase vehicles  (except during the rainy season...); just proceed slowly in some of the rougher areas... Best times to approach any hiking in/around the Phoenix area is October-May. Always bring plenty of water!

    A great resource for Arizona hiking/recreation is: Membership is free and there are hundreds of trips and trail reports for any area you could want to hike. Have fun!!
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