Hey all - wondering what everyone prefers to carry for a knife while Adventuring. Would love to see y'all's pictures and narratives of why.

With a Leatherman Wave I carry a Camillus Bushcrafter knife. It's made in the USA and from 1095 high carbon spring steel so it takes an edge and is wicked sharp. 1095 high carbon is more flexible than stainless steel so it's more resilient to a good beating or used for batoning firewood. It also works really great with a ferrocerium rod.

The sheath is pretty excellent and rugged. It somewhat resembles the knife George W. Sears talks about in Woodcraft & Camping, the Nessmuk bushcraft knife. Good for cooking, woodworking, skinning, cleaning critters & fish and is rugged for hard work.

My 2 cents.

Anyone else?


Kasey Marsters

May The Woods Welcome You


  • Kasey M.Kasey M. ✭✭✭
    Corrected the blade edge from plain compound bevel to a Scandi grind. Used coarse & fine oil stones & a DMT fine whetstone. 
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