Note Paper & Pencil

I'm writing this under survival 101 because a notepad & pencil or pen could save your life.

Anyone who has ever bushwhacked knows you should write down your bearings (front, back, true, magnetic). I carry 2 compasses, a Rite In The Rain notepad, a couple pencils and a waterproof pen by Rite In The Rain.

Maine is a very thick country to travel off trail and can very unforgiving AKA punishing in foul weather. Waterproof paper is a must.

I also carry a notepad in case I do get lost or get separated from my party. I can leave a note. Again - waterproof is the way to go.

I was recently nearly died on a winter hike and was prepared to pen my last words to my family on the Rite In The Rain notepad - it was freezing rain but it wouldn't have been a problem(the writing part would've been fine - the dying part...I wasn't ready - by God's grace).

Anyway - I don't work for Rite In The Rain - I'm just a big fan and love their products.  Check 'em out!


Kasey Marsters


  • Thanks @Kasey M. I live in northern California so I don't get too much inclement weather. I'm not familiar with Rite in the Rain. Thanks for the recommendation!
  • Kasey M.Kasey M. ✭✭✭
    Another good option is a piece of vinyl siding. You can easily write on the backside(smooth side) with a pencil and erases easily. It fits really easy into any bag since it's flat  :).

    Make sure you sand down any sharp edges so you don't get cut or cut your gear.

    We use this at BaseCamp with a group of guys for meal plans and to leave notes communicating where we are located in case someone doesn't return from an adventure.


    Kasey Marsters
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