Outdoor Activities

From hiking and camping to cycling, fishing and everything in between ... share tips and ask questions about your favorite outdoor activities.

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  • Hiking
    From national parks, to the small trail in your favorite local park, let's talk hiking!
    RSS Feed 17 discussions 52 comments Most recent: Looking for a 5-6 Day Hike by Kasey M. on October 2
  • Camping
    Let's talk camping! Everything from favorite campgrounds, to best campfire meals, tips for camp setup and everything in between!
    RSS Feed 4 discussions 33 comments Most recent: Hearty campfire meals? by Kathryn F. on July 21
  • Snow Activities
    Whether you get excited tackling a fresh snow fall on your snowboard, hitting the mountains on your skis, or just doing a bit of sledding, let's talk about your favorite snow sports!
    RSS Feed 3 discussions 8 comments Most recent: Snow Camping Safety Tips Feedback by Kasey M. on March 17
  • On the Water
    Do your favorite outdoor activities seem to always revolve around bodies of water? You've come to the right place! Let's talk boating, waterskiing, fishing, kayaking & more!
    RSS Feed 4 discussions 5 comments Most recent: Best Age to Teach Kids to Water Ski? by Ryan T. on May 15
  • Other Activities
    We want to hear about your favorite outdoor activities, from cycling and horseback riding, to scenic drives, birding, and everything in between. This is the perfect spot to share tips, or get your questions answered.
    RSS Feed 4 discussions 8 comments Most recent: Signs of Spring by Melissa Y. on May 10